An Integrated, Common Sense Approach to 9500X Recovery


CERTREC offers nuclear executives an integrated, common sense approach to 9500X recovery through the most complete suite of integrated solutions available today – the Office of Assessment and Recovery (OAR).


For Site Leadership and Safety Culture Monitoring teams seeking to:

→     Operate the Plant Safely

→     Maintain the Operating License

→     Maintain or recover ROP Column 1

→     Satisfy Stakeholders

The Office of Assessment and Recovery ensures that all aspects of 9500X recovery are appropriately addressed and effectively resolved through a suite of solutions that give nuclear executives the insight, tools, and expertise needed to achieve effective and timely recovery.
Unlike single-focus actions, all OAR solutions are grounded in a solid, integrated recovery strategy that ensures credibility with regulators and critical stakeholders
Office of Assessment and Recovery solutions can be used to support individual elements of a recovery, or as a “cradle to grave” program for managing the entire recovery process.
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Experience You Can Trust                                                         

OAR experts have conducted hundreds of nuclear plant evaluations and root cause investigations, designed and deployed corrective action programs, and led safety training at plants as diverse as Fermi, Palo Verde, Waterford, Ft. Calhoun, San Onofre (SONGS), Callaway and Wolf Creek.

We know how the NRC thinks, how INPO assesses, and can evaluate inspection results from both the NRC’s cross-cutting safety culture perspective and INPO’s safety culture issues perspective.

Here is a sampling from some of the many 9500X engagements we’ve conducted.  

Effective 9500X Resolution Takes a Recovery Strategy

Effectively resolving 9500X issues takes a clear recovery strategy, yet many utilities fail to define their regulatory position and the final state acceptable to all stakeholders. As a result, things are missed, communications are mismanaged, and key performance indicators are not tied to the most important outcome – regaining Column One status.


The Office of Assessment and Recovery can give you that recovery strategy. Based upon years of lessons learned, our Recovery Strategy solution provides:

®    A clear definition of your current regulatory position
®    Understanding of where the regulator wants you to be
®    Evaluation of your regulatory “bank account”
®    Definition of the final state acceptable to all stakeholders
®    The ability to manage communications with regulators and stakeholder (What we say, Who we say it to, When we say it, How we say it, Who says it)
®  Development of an integrated 9500X Recovery Plan

A Systematic Approach to the True Root Causes of Process Problems
OAR’s Root Cause solution offers recovery managers a systematic and independent approach to root cause, extent of cause, and extent of conditions assessment of physical, people, process, safety culture, and work environment issues from some of the industry’s leading safety culture, root cause and human error experts.

Corrective Action:
To the Degree Appropriate to the Magnitude of the Problems & Commensurate with the Risks Encountered

Effectively correcting recovery issues can be challenging due to their complexity across the organization, culture, individual capabilities, and processes.
Recovery managers must balance correcting problems with an eye to the downstream risks.

Employing a holistic approach, OAR’s Corrective Action solution focuses on the inter-related areas that affect recovery – recovery management, physical and process improvement, human performance, safety and organizational culture, change management, performance effectiveness and trending.

When Recovery Managers Require an Objective and Independent Assessment They Look to Certrec

Our Independent Assessment solution allows you to evaluate collective evaluation, regulatory strategy, root cause adequacy, NEI 09-07 compliance, SCCI closeouts, challenge boards, and inspection readiness from experts with extensive NRC, INPO, NEI and plant operating experience.

OAR experts have conducted hundreds of independent recovery assessments at plants as diverse as HB Robinson, Point Beach, Palo Verde, San Onofre, and Southern Nuclear.

We know how the NRC thinks, how INPO assesses, and can evaluate inspection results from both the NRC’s cross-cutting safety culture perspective and INPO’s safety culture issues perspective.

Was the Corrective Action Program Effective?

Is Our Safety Culture Work Environment Changing Behavior?

How Do We Know?

Having an independent expert monitor the effectiveness of your recovery effort signals transparency to regulators. Having an independent expert monitor the effectiveness of safety and organizational culture initiatives signals employees that they can be transparent. Having ongoing monitoring you can trust is one more area of confidence.

OAR’S Effectiveness Monitoring / Trending (EMT) solution provides independent monitoring of Recovery Plan performance, critical KPI trending, safety and organizational culture compliance, overall project effectiveness and communications with key stakeholders.

Insight You Can Trust

Wherever You Go,  Our Real-Time Control Tools Easily Manage Work in Progress 

OAR’s Management Control Tools help you manage day-to-day recovery via real-time, web-based tools that track actions, manage projects and inspection issues, allow collaboration through electronic reading rooms, and provide regulatory research at your fingertips.

11 pm and you need to a report? No problem.
Need to keep control of sensitive information? No problem.

Our easy-to-use control tools enable on-and-offsite project management any hour of the day or night, irrespective of geography, team availability or IT support.

Our electronic reading room allows you to control sensitive information during review cycles while our eLibrary of regulatory documents saves you boatloads of research time. Accessible via email, Smartphone, iPad and laptops, these mobile tools go wherever you go, wherever needed.