Customer Support Supervisor


Angela Hesebeck, Certrec’s Customer Support Supervisor, has worn many hats at Certrec. She has served Certrec as a receptionist, a marketing assistant, an operations assistant, and a customer support specialist. Currently, Angela provides executive administrative support to the Certrec Management team in many aspects of daily business, including assisting the Operations Director and internal and external project managers and departments with requests ranging from formatting documents to website creation to meeting planning. Angela also identifies problems or issues with Certrec products, builds customer websites, and provides website training and development for customers.

In her supervisory role, Angela trains, monitors, sets priorities, and gives direction to the Customer Support team that handles all inbound correspondence, instant messaging chat, and telephone communications. She mentors her team members to develop their capacities to perform each of the customer service tasks she routinely handles.

Certrec staff, established clients, and new customers appreciate Angela’s inquisitive nature and unrelenting passion for customer service.