Associate Project Manager


Dale Lawson is a Product Manager with Certrec’s Operations department. He came to Certrec with more than 20 years of Information Technology experience, having worked in the computer industry for companies like Adaptec, Trantor, Seagate, KMY Instruments, and Cisco. Dale has a firm understanding of cyber technology’s impact and its place in both physical and electronic security. Since his arrival at Certrec seven years ago, he has gained wide-ranging experience by working in or supporting each of the company's departments.

Currently, Dale is responsible for Certrec's Compliance Program, including oversight of policies and procedures, the corrective action program (PIIR system), and all aspects of ISO and SSAE Type 2 SOC 2 certification, including annual audits. 

Dale manages Certrec’s media team, supervising all social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in) as well as our video and podcast production. He also manages Certrec's health and safety program.

Along with two Associate degrees and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Dale possesses a wellspring of knowledge suited to today’s changing business requirements and the adaptability to meet challenges confidently.