Senior Engineer


Dianna Zeringue is a Senior Engineer with Certrec’s Office of NERC Compliance Services Team developing procedures, preparing NERC Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets (RSAW), tracking and updating actions in the Certrec Action Tracking System (CATS), and other regulatory compliance support to clients.

Dianna has 25 years of experience working in various positions within the utility industry. Regulatory responsibilities included several nuclear required programs such as Document Control, Quality Assurance Records, and Procedures in accordance with the Energy Code of Federal Regulations. Knowledge gained in the successful management and oversight of these programs led to participation on industry initiatives in which several Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) initial documents were published, to include NEI AP-907 - Information Management Process Description, NEI AP-907-001 - Procedure Process Description, and NEI AP-907-005 - Procedure Writer’s Manual.

Having a strong background in a highly-regulated compliance environment, Dianna transferred to the transmission side of the business where she successfully utilized project management concepts in planning, implementing, monitoring, and reporting multiple projects. As Project Lead for implementation of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved Order 693, a standardized procedure template was used to develop procedures for sustainable compliance with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Reliability Standards.

Responsibilities also included the procedure development and program maintenance of the Procedure Hierarchy, Process, and Control, Document and Configuration Control, Compliance Monitoring, and Change Management programs. Dianna was also involved in other compliance initiatives such as corrective action closure reviews, performing assessments, providing procedure-writing classroom training, and assisting with Reliability Standard Audit Worksheet (RSAW) preparations.

Dianna currently holds a Technical Procedure Writer Certification, a BSB degree in both Management and Marketing, and an MBA.