Senior Project Manager


Don Derbonne is a Senior Project Manager with Certrec’s Office of NERC Compliance Services Team who has more than 44 years of power generation experience (nuclear, fossil, hydro, wind generation, and solar) which includes startup, maintenance, modification, and operations. 

As Manager of the Operations Department and a Licensed Senior Reactor Operator at Entergy’s River Bend Station, Don gained extensive operations and management experience while managing the Operations department. Don also held the positions as the Manager of Maintenance and Refueling Manager, which included scheduling and performing corrective and preventive maintenance to ensure the facility met all regulatory requirements, and managing the refueling operations. 

Don was a Senior Project Manager for General Electric and managed major modification and refueling for a number of nuclear facilities. The modifications included installation of tie rods on the reactor shroud, feedwater sparger repair, nozzle repair, and refueling bridge up grades. During refueling operations, Don was responsible for the reactor vessel disassembly and reassembly, fuel movement, and Internal Vessel Visual Inspections. 

Don was a Senior Test Engineer at Newport News Ship Building where he worked on new construction for the 688 Class of fast attack submarines. He worked with the steam electric plant and nuclear systems, testing them to ensure that the equipment and systems performed as designed. This included sea trials where the systems intergraded operations were demonstrated. 

As a Senior Project Manager for Certrec, Don has worked with many clients to help them with understanding the requirements of the NERC Standards. Don has performed and supervised the preparations for NERC audits for more than 25 facilities.