Senior Project Manager


Guy Davant, a 35-year industry veteran, joined Certrec’s Office of NERC Compliance team
to assist its compliance clients with compliance issues, regulatory affairs, audit preparation, mock audits, cybersecurity, and emergency operations issues.

Known throughout the regulatory community for his broad industry knowledge and engineering, regulatory affairs, and compliance experience, Guy held various supervisory and oversight positions at Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, River Bend Station, Echelon, Entergy Operations’ nuclear headquarters, and the DOE’s Savannah River Technology Center. He actively participated in various major plant evolutions and projects, such as: initial plant startup and power ascension testing at Grand Gulf and later its extended power uprate project, implementation of improved Technical Specifications at River Bend, and resolution of the Alloy 600 reactor head issue at Entergy’s pressurized water reactor facilities.

Guy was responsible for providing and managing resources to address regulatory and licensing issues in support of operation, maintenance, and refueling of Entergy’s nuclear facilities. His other activities have included developing, submitting, and negotiating license amendment requests, ASME Code relief requests, and other regulatory-based items.

He has been involved in various activities pertaining to new nuclear projects, including being an integral part of the team that developed the Combined Operating License Application (COLA) for Grand Gulf Unit 3 and, later, providing consulting support for Dominion’s North Anna Unit 3 COLA. Also, he was an active participant on the NEI New Plant Construction Inspection Program Task Force, working with the NRC-developed industry guideline NEI 08-01, “Industry Guideline for the ITAAC Closure Process under 10 CFR Part 52.”

Guy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mississippi State University.