Joe Leavines
Senior Project Manager


Joe Leavines is a Senior Project Manager in Certrec’s Office of NERC Compliance Services where he brings more than 40 years of industry experience in the areas of NERC compliance, emergency planning, licensing, plant engineering, and corrective action programs. Immediately before joining Certrec, Joe served as the NERC Compliance Manager at Entergy where he managed a fleet-level NERC compliance program and supervised project managers in compliance activities.

Joe initially served as an engineer in the Production Department for Gulf States Utilities, then as a Plant Engineer at a 1,500 MW fossil plant. He later transitioned to nuclear at River Bend Station and was a Licensing Engineer for the plant’s construction permit and operating permit.

While holding a variety of management positions at River Bend over time, Joe created and supervised the first Independent Safety Engineering Group. He also managed the following groups: Field Engineering, ASME Inservice Inspection group, ASME Codes and Standards and repair, Process Engineering, IT, and Electrical and Controls Engineering. Afterward, he managed the Nuclear Licensing Group responsible for maintaining compliance with the Operating License and the Nuclear Safety Assessment group, including the Corrective Action Program and the ISEG, and chaired the Onsite Safety Review Committee. Following that, Joe managed a staff of emergency planners for implementation of emergency plan responsibilities.

In addition to providing assessment support, regulatory issue support, and direct plant support for River Bend Station, Joe provided backup support for Palisades and Waterford 3 Nuclear Plant Emergency Plan programs. He then moved to the corporate Emergency Planning group and worked with each of the Entergy nuclear plant’s Emergency Planning programs.

Joe received his Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Senior Reactor Certification at River Bend Station. In addition, he was a Registered Professional Engineer (currently inactive status).