Vice President and CFO


As Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Certrec Corporation, Kathy is responsible for Finance and Accounting, Tax, Operations, and Human Resource management for this fast-growing company.

Formerly the Chief of Mortgage Credit and the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Little Rock, Arkansas, Kathy has considerable expertise in running compliance-driven organizations. Currently, she is responsible for customer interface and logistical support for the Region IV Utility Group (RUG).

Skilled in data and document management, Kathy was instrumental in developing Certrec's web-based, regulatory research products. She continues to support the evolution of Certrec Solutions with her strong analytical, process-centric, and detail-oriented skills.

A Sooner supporter, Kathy enjoys all things Oklahoma Crimson
bested only by rambunctious grandchildren and lakeside time with the family.