Project Manager

Laurie Lahti has more than 23 years of licensing, compliance, fleet, and regulatory management experience with leading utilities such as Commonwealth Edison, American Electric Power, and the Nuclear Management Company.

A seasoned nuclear operation professional, Laurie's expertise extends from direct site support for license renewal to fleet compliance, through supplemental support for NRC 95003 Inspection readiness.

In her broad career, Laurie has developed strategies for addressing potentially significant NRC findings, served as a member of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) task force that supported development of NRC operability guidance (RIS 2005-20), and chaired the National Regional Utility Group in 2007.

A much sought-after industry expert, Laurie has led training courses in operability, corrective action, 10CFR50.59 evaluations, Final Safety Analysis Reporting (FSAR), nuclear licensing, and regulatory compliance for leading nuclear generators.