Project Manager


Morgan Schadegg is a Project Manager in Certrec’s Operations Department. She is responsible for re-developing industry training to help reduce the impact of the regulatory knowledge gap. In addition, she analyzes industry documents daily, writing and publishing relevant notifications that keep clients up to date on current NRC issues and industry trends.

Previously, Morgan was a Systems Engineer at Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant where she managed many different systems and coordinated projects across departments. Morgan has broad systems experience, having worked with a multitude of secondary water systems, compressed air systems, and security. She created and managed the Obsolescence Program at Comanche Peak to prioritize obsolete parts and to help reduce overtime costs and expedited equipment fees. Morgan also analyzed the System Engineering budget, reallocating funding for unexpected, emergent plant issues.

Morgan earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Arizona State University. While studying there, she interned at both San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and at Comanche Peak. Currently, she is an MBA candidate at Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business.