Senior Project Manager


Ozzie Vidal, a Senior Project Manager in Certrec’s Office of Licensing and Compliance, brings his compliance expertise to the OLC team, specifically in the areas of Technical Specifications, 10 CFR 50.59 evaluation, reporting, accident and transient analysis, and design and licensing bases.

Ozzie began his career in the nuclear power business nearly 40 years ago as a Reactor Engineer at Plant Hatch. From there he moved into Operations, held a Senior Reactor Operating License for nine years, and headed up the Plant Hatch project to convert the Emergency Operating Procedures to Revision 4 of the General Electric Emergency Procedure Guidelines. Later, he transferred to the Southern Nuclear corporate headquarters in Birmingham where he transitioned to Regulatory Affairs and Licensing, mostly supporting Plant Hatch, but also periodically working on projects for the other Southern Plants. He left Southern to work as a Reactor Engineer at the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant in Florida City, Florida, for five years before returning to the Southern Nuclear Corporate office as a contractor in Regulatory Affairs where he supported all three of the Southern plants: Hatch, Farley, and Vogtle.

In his spare time, Ozzie enjoys the gym, ballroom dancing, and riding his Harley.