Office of Licensing and Compliance Business Development Director


A seasoned professional with more than 40 years of nuclear power plant experience in Licensing and Engineering, Scott Head managed regulatory affairs and licensing for South Texas Project Units 1&2. His areas of focus included the prevention, detection, and correction of regulatory issues and the development of processes for regulatory compliance. Scott managed several first-time, risk-informed initiatives, including the Special Treatment Exemptions, which served as the pilot for the 50.69 rule change. He also managed the station activities that resulted in the industry’s first Risk Managed Technical Specification amendment.

Before joining Certrec, Scott managed the safety and environmental activities required to obtain the Part 52 licenses for South Texas Project Units 3&4.

Scott earned his undergraduate degree in Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University. He subsequently earned an M.B.A. from the University of Houston.

When not hanging out or traveling with his family Scott enjoys tennis, running, swimming, and pickle-ball.