July 15, 2022

Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Nuclear Industry

Through virtual reality nuclear facilities will be able to predict what may happen in their environments via the real-world data provided by these immersive.
July 14, 2022

Nuclear operators to benefit from immersive 3D simulations

Duke Energy One and L3Harris have partnered to offer an unprecedented joint solution to improve nuclear plant operations and maintenance, which will provide...
July 7, 2022

Certrec Files Lawsuit in Federal Court Against Former Employee JC Culberson

Lawsuit alleges breach of fiduciary duties, misappropriating trade secrets, and breaching his employee confidentiality agreement
May 11, 2022

PRC-019-2 is being revised

PRC-019-2 addresses the reliability issue of miscoordination between generator capability, control systems, and protection functions. However, PRC-019-2 was...
May 10, 2022

MOD-025-2 is being revised

MOD-025-2’s purpose is to ensure that accurate information on generator gross and net Real and Reactive Power capability and synchronous condenser Reactive P...
May 1, 2022

NERC Sees Discrepancies Between Documented Equipment/Facility Ratings and Actual Field Conditions – What are FAC-008 Requirements?

Recent years’ audit and enforcement activities have identified multiple instances of discrepencies between documented equipment and/or Facility Ratings and...
April 30, 2022

Is Your Samsung Phone Secure? Take These Precautions against Attacks

Samsung confirmed a security breach that resulted in the exposure of internal company data, including the source code related to its Galaxy smartphones...
April 29, 2022

Is Your iPhone Secure? Take These Precautions to Protect Your Phone

MS-ISAC CYBERSECURITY ADVISORY NUMBER 2022-037 identified multiple vulnerabilities in Apple products. The most severe of these vulnerabilities could result...
April 28, 2022

Are You Wasting Water to Clean Your Solar Panels? Here’s a Sustainable Alternative

According to an estimate, about 10 billion gallons of water are used per year just for solar panel cleaning purposes. A team of researchers from MIT have...