Certrec Action Tracking System

A comprehensive, web-based platform that allows users to monitor and prioritize actions, assign tasks, track deadlines, and get real-time reporting on performance.

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    • Track items to completion
    • Understand what important due dates are coming up or have been missed
    • Set up recurring actions based on various frequencies and parameters
    • Clone actions
    • Create canned and custom reports
    • Filter and sort throughout the entire site
    • Link with automated workflows to ensure processes are followed
    • Scalable to provide organized and enterprise-wide action/task/issue management

    CATS Interface

    CATS was designed by industry experts and our IT professionals to provide a clean, easy-to-use interface that works and allows transparency into all actions across your organization, reinforcing accountability.

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    “CATS is my electronic, anytime-anywhere to-do list, performance tracker, and safety net.”
    ~ CATS Client