How to manage UFSARs in the NRC world

How to manage UFSARs in the NRC world

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January 20, 2022 10:30 am - 11:00 am

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This is a series of Certrec-sponsored webinars to better understand the challenges and requirements of producing UFSARs. We will discuss the issues of version control, electronic submittals, managing the effects of downsizing and loss of critical staff, as well as high impact UFSAR changes. We will explore topics that help us learn about what contributes to UFSAR failures and successes. We will encourage discussions around UFSAR best practices and there will be a Q&A session.

We will include presentations by industry experts and seasoned professionals, as well as an open discussion period, to enable attendees to share experiences and lessons learned.

Call for Presenters:
All topics related to Updated Final Safety Analysis Reports (UFSARs) are welcome and will be considered. Industry professionals interested in contributing should contact Lynne Meyer at 817-738-7661 or Presenters will be selected based on the subject matter and pertinence to the UFSAR topics.

More information: The UFSAR is one of the licensing basis documents managed by licensing staff in nuclear power plants regulated by the NRC. The UFSAR is typically a compilation document, and it will sometimes have sections for the Tech Specs, Emergency Plan, and other LBDs. Usually they are simply one-sentence pointers to other documents like the Tech Specs, which are large enough to be constituted in a separate file. The UFSAR is a good place to look when first learning about a particular system, structure, or component associated with a project.


  • Meagan Morton (Host with 5+ years of experience in managing UFSARs)
  • John Conly (45+ years of nuclear licensing experience)
  • Brett McLain (Certrec UFSARs team manager)
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