NERC Audit Support

Generation, transmission, and distribution owners and operators all have compliance responsibilities related to NERC 693 and NERC CIP standards. These standards and their requirements aim to improve reliability of the bulk electric system and securing appropriate cyber assets and supporting infrastructure. Regional Entities are obligated to NERC to conduct audits of their REs’ compliance programs and implementation, which can culminate in monetary fines and additional regulatory engagement and oversight.


Demonstrating compliance is made more difficult if entities do not understand the NERC audit processes. Additionally, RE auditors do not always possess the same skill sets or expect the same things from region to region. This often results in different methods being applied and difficulty responding to the auditors. Due to this, Certrec offers a multitude of options to support your entity in planning for your next audit. We have even developed several time-saving compliance Tools to efficiently manage documents and support your team in audit preparation. Our NERC Audit Support services include, but are not limited to:

  • RSAWs Development

  • Evidence Review and Development

  • Pre-Audit Strategy Meetings

  • Mock Audits

  • Inherent Risk Assessments (IRAs)

  • Internal Controls Evaluations (ICEs)

  • Guided Self-certifications

  • Mitigation Planning and Closure

NERC Audit Support Tools


Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets can be completed in our web-based solution for creating, managing, and producing RSAWs. This tools helps you keep your evidence, narratives, and SMEs organized and up-to-date.


Certrec’s Action-Tracking System allows real-time transparency into all the actions and due dates across your entire organization. The ability to track items to completion helps to reduce the risk of missed deadlines.

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“Certrec has a tool for every aspect of NERC compliance and they have been instrumental in our success in preparing for our audits. With their help, we were able to receive zero findings in our last audit!”

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