Office of New Plant

A Comprehensive Solution for Part 52 New Plants

Office of New Plant

Recognizing the effort required by the Part 52 licensing process, Certrec offers The Office of New Plant – a comprehensive suite of web-based, COLA / DCD / DCA support, project management, and quality program services that improve response efficiency across multiple geographies, multiple authors, and time-constrained situations.



Daily documentation from the NRC is reviewed and categorized as Part 52 and/or SMR. Special Part 52 emails are available daily identifying any new Part 52 and/or SMR information that has become available.



Subject matter experts review the full range of Part 52 NRC-released information each day. Alerts are written on highly valuable topics so you always stay in the know.


Licensing, Application, Development & Tracking uses the NRC’s Standard Review Plan as the basis for its cross-reference database. Regulatory Guide 1.206 is directly cross-referenced to the Standard Review Plan.


Business Process Automation uses our Taktix platform, to replicate and automate a manual site process, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.


Our Electronic Reading Rooms are Online Reference Portals that support the NRC’s review of Part 52 documents. ERRs are secure and restrict saving, printing, and downloading. 

We are very appreciative of Certrec’s tireless efforts, working holidays, weekends, and late hours to meet our needs. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

~ VP of Regulatory Affairs


Our team is highly experienced in working with many types of Part 52 documents. From initial creation, through all changes, to final submission of the document. 


There is value in providing Part 52 training on regulatory requirements and licensing processes to non-licensing experts. Training can be provided web-based or in the traditional classroom setting.


Certrec's team of experts consists of many personnel that have lived in the Part 52 world. To provide the necessary quality of submittals desired by the NRC for a timely review of an application, independent reviews can be performed by Certrec.



Certrec has well-tested procedures and processes in place to help ensure successful submission of your document to the NRC.

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