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From Application, to License, to Construction

The license application and license are critical paths to your breaking ground. You will build your plant from the approved license application, so it is imperative that it be exactly correct. Short cuts you take during the licensing process will cost you dollars during construction, and every day you can save in the licensing process gets you building a plant one day sooner. Certrec guides you through licensing challenges with a helping hand, making your project run smoothly.


About to start a project? Where do you even begin? Without knowing the key components of a schedule, your project could be at risk.



Certrec assists you with building a comprehensive schedule, guiding the project from beginning to end.


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Certrec Tools for Project Success

recall 52 certrec corporation nuclear regulatory compliance



Recall 52 is a collection of regulatory documents that have been categorized as Nuclear New Build and are updated daily. Documents are organized to be easily retrievable and fully text searchable.

regsource 52 certrec corporation nuclear regulatory compliance



RegSource keeps staff apprised of day-to-day important news happening in the nuclear new build world. Industry information is reviewed daily and alerts are written to call out key events of significance. 

ladt licensing application development and tracking certrec corporation nuclear regulatory compliance


A cross-referencing database, from any section of the SRP, one can immediately access the corresponding information in Reg. Guide 1.206 and all COLAs, DCDs, and associated files.

err electronic reading rooms certrec corporation nuclear regulatory compliance


Our Electronic Reading Rooms are Online Reference Portals that support the NRC’s review of Part 52 documents. Ours are secure and restrict others from saving, printing, or downloading documents.

electronic document dca dcd cola esp processing certrec corporation nuclear regulatory compliance


Our team is highly experienced in working with many types of Part 52 documents. From initial creation, through all changes, to final submission of the document.

part 52 training certrec corporation nuclear regulatory compliance



There is value in providing Part 52 training on regulatory requirements and licensing processes to non-licensing experts. Training can be provided either web-based or in a traditional classroom setting.

independent technical review certrec corporation nuclear regulatory compliance


To provide the necessary quality of submittals desired by the NRC for a timely review of an application, Certrec's team of experts consists of many personnel that have lived in the Part 50 and Part 52 worlds.



Certrec has well-tested procedures and processes in place to help ensure the successful submission of your document to the NRC.

We are very appreciative of Certrec’s tireless efforts, working holidays, weekends, and late hours to meet our needs. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

~ VP of Regulatory Affairs


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