Certrec Supports NuScale Power With Revision 3 Submittal of Its Design Certification Application

NuScale’s DCA Revision 3 submittal very timely and well organized with the help of Certrec.

Fort Worth, Texas (PRWEB)

Certrec, a leading regulatory compliance solution provider, is pleased to announce its participation in the electronic processing and preparation of Revision 3 of the small modular reactor Design Certification Application (DCA) for NuScale Power’s submission to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on August 22, 2019. Certrec’s TAKTIX® web-based project collaboration tool, technical editing assistance, and document processing services were used throughout the project to manage and control the electronic processing of all Requests for Additional Information (RAIs) from the NRC and changes to the DCA. All responses to RAIs and changes to the DCA were initiated, approved, and processed electronically online.

“We are grateful to the team at Certrec for their contributions to our effort to achieve certification for our SMR design, particularly regarding our Revision 3 submission,” said Tom Bergman, NuScale Vice President of Regulatory Affairs. “NuScale has reached a critical milestone in this process, and we look forward to continuing to use Certrec’s TAKTIX® platform as we near the final stages of the NRC’s review of our groundbreaking technology.”

Processing RAIs and changes to the DCA by teams of people scattered across the country, presents a number of time-sensitive and logistical challenges. With approximately five weeks left before the submittal date, NuScale queried Certrec about the possibility of submitting Revision 3 a week early to allow extra review time for the NRC. The end of each revision requires a lot of time and effort from the Certrec team to prepare the final version of the submittal files, and losing a week of production time added extra challenges. However, by working closely with the NuScale team, Certrec was able to streamline the normal process, and Revision 3 was submitted one week ahead of schedule.

"NuScale's SMR design has generated wide-spread interest within the industry, and we appreciate the opportunity to play a role in the application process,” stated Brett McLain, Certrec’s Electronic Documents Manager. “Our relationship with the NuScale team has grown with each revision, and it is exciting to help them bring the DCA one step closer to completion."

“We are extremely proud to be a partner with NuScale,” said Michelle Thomas, Certrec Operations Director. “NuScale’s design is very important to the future of the nuclear power industry and we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the team’s success.”

Certrec’s large-document processing services are in demand. The company currently is involved in several DCA/DCD/COLA projects as well as supporting the ongoing maintenance of several plant UFSARs.


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