Three Reasons Your NERC Compliance Team Needs an Electronic Documents Library and Industry Emails

One of the biggest threats to the state of your entity’s compliance is an uninformed compliance professional. As being unaware of information and/or updates is not an acceptable excuse for noncompliance, what your team doesn’t know WILL hurt you!

Is your team struggling to stay up-to-date with industry documentation and changes? Are you spending hours each week rummaging through various websites or emails to find specific documents or notes from the latest industry meeting?

There is an easier way. Our web-based platforms, RegSource® GRC keeps NERC compliance staffs apprised of day-to-day, relevant, strategic events while Recall® GRC is a comprehensive collection of regulatory information, updated daily. Together, these solutions offer the following benefits:

1. Our SMEs review critical updates and newly released industry information each day so you don’t have to

  • Start your day with a RegSource® GRC email filled with industry information and news that is vital to your job.

  • Our SMEs write Smart Notices that contain high-level, actionable information and call out key items of importance. They provide both critical information, define the potential industry impact, and the suggested appropriate response actions.

2. You can locate industry documents within seconds

  • High-value document sets, including documents from NERC, FERC, Regional Entities, and RTO/ISO documents from 100+ industry sites, maintained in one location.

  • RegSource® GRC Smart Notices correspond and link to documents housed in our Recall® GRC library.

  • Documents are fully text searchable across multiple categories with additional filters that help you drill down to the information you are really after.

3. You can ensure that your team can focus on their job instead of spending hours trying to keep up-to-date with industry information

  • Available to subscribers anywhere there is an internet connection, RegSource® GRC and Recall® GRC work together to increase productivity and keep your team well-informed.

  • Both solutions are updated daily and are monitored by a dedicated team of compliance experts.

Certrec is a technology-based, regulatory licensing and compliance service provider with more than 1,500 cumulative years of direct industry experience. Certrec has significant expertise available in the realm of NERC regulatory compliance and can provide expert assistance in all facets of the regulatory process. Certrec’s Office of NERC Compliance staff have helped more than 120 different generating facilities establish and maintain NERC Compliance Programs. Visit or email for more information.