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May Poll Insights

Last month, we asked our audience What type of nuclear reactor is designed to use thorium as a fuel instead of uranium? Overall, the most voted for answer was Molten Salt Reactors at 72 percent of the vote. Gas-Cooled Reactors received the second most votes at 14 percent. Finally, tied in last place were Light-Water Reactors and Solid Fuel Reactors at 7 percent.

The correct answer is Molten Salt Reactors. Thorium has gained attention as a potential alternative fuel due to its abundance and potential advantages in terms of reduced nuclear waste and proliferation resistance compared to conventional uranium-based reactors. Molten salt reactors are well suited to thorium fuel, as normal fuel fabrication is avoided.

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Industry Updates

“This may represent a market that is too good to pass up for a lot of other Western utilities,” Advanced…
Now is the time for countries to update their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) with a clear aim of reaching the…
But co-location agreements between existing nuclear facilities and data centers should be scrutinized for potential impacts on other customers, said…
US-based independent power producer (IPP) NextEra and utility Entergy have revealed a five-year, 4.5GW development pipeline of solar and storage…

Certrec News

Certrec’s CORE Support Provided Nuclear Facilities More Than 6,000 Hours in Critical Regulatory Compliance and Support Services in 2023

Press Release – CORE Support provides the energy industry with the ability to purchase consulting service hours in advance, saving time and resources by allowing facilities to allocate hours as needed to sudden or critical projects. In 2023, nuclear facilities used more than 6,000 CORE Support hours to assist with regulatory concerns, special projects, and staff extensions.

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Certrec White Papers

NERC – In the world of power system management, reactive power and voltage control are not merely technical terms but pivotal elements that maintain the stability and efficiency of the entire electrical grid.
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Digitization – Download and explore our in-depth white paper to discover more about the role of big data analytics.
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  • 2024 ANS Annual Conference
    June 16-19 — Las Vegas, NV, at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
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  • The Energy Expo
    August 21-22 — Miami, FL, at the MACC Convention Center
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  • RE+
    September 9-12 — Anaheim, CA, at the Anaheim Convention Center
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  • Early Site Permit Training – Get 10% off!
    July 9-11, 2024 — Paid Training
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