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Seven Ways to Manage Your Regulatory Risk: Manage Your External Communications

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Nuclear Foundational Training: Learn the Basics of the Regulatory Process

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April Poll Insights

Last month, we asked our audience What is the name of the disaster scale used to classify the severity of nuclear accidents? Overall, the most voted for answer was the International Nuclear Event Scale at 68 percent of the vote. Tied in second place was the Richter Scale and Fujita Scale at 12 percent. Finally, the Saffir-Simpson Scale received the least amount of votes at 7 percent.

The correct answer is the International Nuclear Event Scale. The International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale was introduced in 1990 by the International Atomic Energy Agency. It is a tool for communicating the safety significance of nuclear and radiological events to the public. Member States use INES on a voluntary basis to rate and communicate events that occur within their territory.

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Industry Updates

In a joint letter to Congress today a diverse coalition of more than 40 national and regional organizations and companies…
The transition toward cleaner more sustainable energy systems in the Eastern U S like elsewhere across the world is complex…
After languishing since 2022 a revamped measure to launch a shared solar program in southwest Virginia found daylight this year…

Certrec News

Certrec Supported the Production of TerraPower’s Construction Permit Application for Their Innovative Natrium™ Reactor

Press Release – Certrec is pleased to announce its participation in supporting the smooth transmission of TerraPower’s Construction Permit Application. TerraPower’s achievement is a significant milestone in commercializing their Natrium™ technology.
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Certrec Attends CLEANPOWER 2024

Industry Gathering – On May 6-9, 2024, Certrec attended the renewable energy industry’s premier event, hosted by the American Clean Power Association in Minneapolis, MN.
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Certrec White Papers

NERC – In the world of power system management, reactive power and voltage control are not merely technical terms but pivotal elements that maintain the stability and efficiency of the entire electrical grid.
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Digitization – Download and explore our in-depth white paper to discover more about the role of big data analytics.
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Upcoming Industry Events

  • Battcon 2024
    May 14-17 — Miami, FL, at the Hyatt Regency
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  • Midwest Solar Expo
    May 20-22 — Chicago, IL, at the DES Convention Center
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  • The Energy Expo
    August 21-22 — Miami, FL, at the MACC Convention Center
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Upcoming Certrec Academy Trainings

  • Nuclear Foundational Training – Get 10% off!
    June 11-13, 2024 — Paid Training
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  • Early Site Permit Training – Get 10% off!
    July 9-11, 2024 — Paid Training
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