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Leveraging Nuclear’s Minimal Land and Carbon Footprint for a Cleaner Energy Future

Certrec - Sentinel -Newsletter - Matt Meyer

Matthew Meyer

Building Bridges Project Manager, Generation Atomic

Certrec - Sentinel -Newsletter - Generation Atomic

Matthew Meyer is a serial entrepreneur, most recently selling his crossfit gym to come to work with his younger brother Eric at Generation Atomic. He became interested in nuclear power after assisting in a march for the Diablo Canyon power plant in 2016. As a passionate outdoors enthusiast, he became a strong nuclear supporter after understanding its small land footprint and lack of carbon emissions. Read the full bio here.

Certrec Sentinel: As climate change becomes an ever-growing concern, there’s a pressing need for cleaner energy solutions. One of Generation Atomic’s strong points is highlighting the environmental efficiency of nuclear power, especially when compared to other renewables.

Could you elaborate on how nuclear land and carbon footprints provide an edge over other energy sources?

Matthew Meyer: We have a finite amount of land and raw materials and with a projected growth in world population, they will only appear to be more finite over time. To successfully pull off an energy transition, we need to make the best choices available to us. Thus, we should consider technologies that are going to give us the greatest amount of benefit with the least amount of environmental impact.

No other clean energy source comes close to nuclear when comparing land use and raw materials needed to produce energy. To provide some context, a nuclear plant sits on a footprint of about one square mile. The same amount of electricity with wind would require 330 miles² or 63 miles² with solar panels. These numbers will more than double if you factor in the additional miles of transmission lines to deliver the electricity, and the additional materials and land needed to firm up the variable sources. Read Matthew’s complete interview here.

We’re seeing a clear, rapid growth in the pro-nuclear movement, and we now have reached a point where most people can say “I support nuclear” with confidence and not give a second thought about what the response might be. This is because the world is eager to learn more about nuclear, and the doors are wide open for any of you who want to become educators in this space. Don’t shy away from engaging with your lawmakers either. This might sound intimidating, but they’re people too, and expressing your support for nuclear gives them the confidence to take a more open stance. If you are unsure of how specifically to contribute, the “pro tip” is to start by getting involved in a pro-nuclear organization to give you some direction, there are many of them. Want a little inspiration? Consider attending a screening of Atomic Hope (or hosting your own). This film follows the nuclear advocacy movement in its early stages through the eyes of notable founding figures and organizations, including Generation Atomic. Learn more about Generation Atomic here.

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The Importance of Due Diligence When Purchasing New Generating Assets

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As the energy sector continues to grow, new developments in technology are reshaping the industry. Companies are searching for new ways to meet carbon goals and reduce pollution, while also contending with increasing demands for electricity. Exciting new trends have emerged across the industry to meet these needs.

Last month, we asked our audience: Which area of energy technology innovation excites you the most? Overwhelmingly, New Nuclear Reactor Designs was the most voted for at 78 percent, while Carbon Capture Technology and Advanced Energy Storage tied for second at 11 percent each. Smart Grids was the least voted answer at zero percent.

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Press Release – Certrec has successfully completed its eighth yearly audit for SOC 2 Type 2 and its tenth annual audit for ISO 27001, now testing for the 2022 version. As the number of cybersecurity attacks targeting the energy industry increase, it is crucial that sensitive information is protected. Certrec received its certification for ISO 27001:2022 from Schellman auditors, verifying that the company complies with industry standards for cybersecurity.
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