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SenseHawk Explains How Their Drone Services Can Help Solar Assets Save Money and Gain Insights

SenseHawk - Certrec Sentinel Newsletter

SenseHawk is an early-stage, California-based developer of software-based management tools for Renewable, Construction, and infrastructure industries with operations in the United States, the UAE, and India. The SenseHawk Digitization Platform (SDP) SaaS helps with process optimization, automation, and asset information management. The SDP enables yield improvement, defect identification, progress monitoring, productivity enhancement, cost reduction, collaboration, and data management at different stages of the project lifecycle. From development and construction, through operations and maintenance, SenseHawk software has been deployed on 600+ sites worldwide.

For more, visit: https://sensehawk.com/

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Upcoming NERC Threshold Changes for IBRs: A Quick Overview

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August Poll Insights

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, fossil fuels—petroleum, natural gas, and coal—accounted for 79 percent of the 97 quadrillion British thermal units of primary energy consumption in the United States during 2021. By current DOE estimates, 75 percent of U.S. energy will come from fossil fuels in 2050, which is widely inconsistent with IPCC carbon reduction goals. As renewables and alternative forms of energy replace fossil fuel in the energy mix, they will also need to keep up with overall increases in energy consumption.

Last month, we asked our audience: in the next decade, what role do you see for fossil fuels in the U.S. energy mix? Overall, 43 percent voted for a significant role, while 31 percent voted for a moderate role, and 26 percent voted minimal role. No role, at zero percent, was voted least.

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Industry Updates

ERCOT Forced to Declare Emergency Conditions in Extreme Heat as Texas Flirts with Blackouts

The Texas grid narrowly avoided blackouts Wednesday evening as cooling demand from extreme heat combined with thermal outages and low solar and wind output…
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San Diego Gas & Electric Launches Virtual Power Plant Pilot in Effort to Reduce Demand on Grid
Reckoning with ongoing extreme heat in the West, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) announced development last month of a new pilot for a virtual power plant…
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New Pilot Project Aims to Increase NY Grid Capacity for Clean Energy

Avangrid, a sustainable energy company and part of the Iberdrola Group, has announced a pilot project with LineVision to free up additional capacity on its…
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Certrec News

3- Certrec Launches the Latest Version of Their Innovative Fatigue Rule Management SaaS Solution for Nuclear Power Plants - Press Release - Featured Image- Certrec
Certrec Launches the Latest Version of Their Innovative Fatigue Rule Management SaaS Solution for Nuclear Power Plants

Press Release – Certrec’s FRMS is an industry-wide solution that continues to improve user functionality, providing quick results of worker availability for planned shifts or emergent work. Developed in cooperation with fatigue rule experts, FRMS brings the nuclear industry a powerful solution that saves them time, increases productivity, and reduces the risk of non-compliance. The latest version of FRMS boasts more than 50 new features.
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Certrec White Papers

Understanding PRC-028-1: Disturbance Monitoring and Reporting Requirements for Inverter-Based Resources

New NERC White Paper – The new PRC-028 standard plays a pivotal role in guiding the integration of inverter-based resources (IBRs) into the power grid. By embracing the requirements and measures outlined in PRC-028-1, Transmission Owners and Generator Owners can actively contribute to the reliability, security, and resilience of the modern electric power system.
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NERC – CIP-005 Ensuring a Reliable Electronic Security Perimeter - White Paper - Certrec
CIP-005: Ensuring a Reliable Electronic Security Perimeter

New NERC White Paper – The importance of a robust electronic security perimeter in today’s interconnected and digital world cannot be understated. NERC CIP-005 serves as a guiding light, outlining the essential requirements and practices that ensure the integrity and security of the bulk electric system.
Click here to download the full white paper

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