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An All-in-One Collaborative Compliance Tool

Certrec's NERCSuite

Certrec’s NERCSuite is a comprehensive compliance platform of web-based tools that provides complete support of your NERC compliance efforts. Our collection of compliance resources reduce regulatory risk and lowers the overall cost of your compliance programs.

NERCSuite is an all-in-one collaborative compliance tool that reduces regulatory risk, manages the time your team spends completing compliance tasks, and lowers the overall cost of your compliance program. Easily assign tasks, track performance, and generate evidence packages for NERC audits with this collection of compliance resources.

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We provide confidence that personnel will be well-equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive. Set your site up for success with Certrec's NERCSuite.

Certrec’s NERCSuite Platform is Easily Customizable and Includes


Compliance Action Tracking System (CATS) is a SaaS application that helps users manage and track compliance actions, keeping you on top of the many actions needed to comply with regulations.

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CORE Support

A minimum of 50 CORE Support hours is included, giving you access to our team of NERC experts to help with your compliance needs.

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Stay up to date on critical industry information to stay compliant and knowledgeable.

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