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RNWBL Shares How Their App Can Save Time and Increase Productivity for Technicians in the Field


RNWBL is a high-growth services and technology company supporting IPPs, OEMs, and ISPs with their operating projects. With a portfolio of best-in-class organizations, RNWBL is focused on providing field services and technology to the wind, solar, and the broader renewables industry. The company has over 600 technicians and a coast-to-coast footprint with field offices across Texas, Arizona, California, Wisconsin, and Canada. Customers consist of Fortune 500 companies including utilities, technology companies, independent power producers, and original equipment manufacturers.

For more, visit: https://www.rnwbl.com/

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Seven Ways to Manage Your Regulatory Risk: Simplify Your Controls

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October Poll Insights

The objective of FLEX is to establish an indefinite coping capability to prevent damage to the fuel in the reactor and spent fuel pools and to maintain the containment function by using plant equipment and FLEX equipment. This capability will address an extended loss of AC power (i.e., loss of off-site power, emergency diesel generators, and any alternate AC power sources) concurrent with a loss of ultimate heat sink, which could arise following external events that are within the existing design basis with additional failures and conditions that could arise from beyond-design-basis external events. Since the beyond-design-basis regime is essentially unlimited, plant features and insights from beyond-design-basis evaluations are used, where feasible, to inform coping strategies.

The underlying strategies for coping with these conditions involve a three-phase approach:

  1. Initially cope by relying on plant equipment.
  2. Augment or transition from plant equipment to on-site FLEX equipment and consumables to maintain or restore key functions.
  3. Obtain additional capability and redundancy from off-site FLEX equipment until power, water, and coolant injection systems are restored or commissioned.

Last month, we asked our audience: how prepared is your nuclear plant to implement FLEX strategies to mitigate beyond design-basis events? Overall, 50 percent voted that their plant was very well prepared to implement FLEX strategies. Additionally, 33 percent voted that they were adequately prepared, 8 percent voted somewhat prepared, and 9 percent voted that they were not prepared.

For more market research polls, visit: https://www.linkedin.com/company/certrec-corporation/

Industry Updates

Much of North America Faces ‘Elevated Risk’ of Blackouts in Extreme Winter
Much of North America Faces ‘Elevated Risk’ of Blackouts in Extreme Winter Conditions: NERC

Climate change, rising energy demand, and natural gas dependence mean “a massive grid disruption is inevitable,” said Mark Spurr, legislative director at the…
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Tesla Plans 30MW Rooftop Solar System on Austin Factory
Tesla Plans 30MW Rooftop Solar System on Austin Factory
A 30MW rooftop solar installation currently under construction at Tesla’s factory in East Austin, Texas would be the largest in the world when complete…
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Dominion Lowers Cost Estimates for Power from Offshore Wind Farm, Seeks Possible Partner

Dominion Energy announced during its Friday third-quarter earnings call that it had filed with Virginia regulators an adjustment to its levelized cost of…
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Certrec News

1- Certrec Completes Electronic Production of 100th Major Licensing Submittal to the NRC - Press Release - Featured Image- Certrec
Certrec Completes Electronic Production of 100th Major Licensing Submittal to the NRC
Press Release – Clients recognize that the development and management of licensing document submittals can be time-consuming and can require a level of expertise that may not exist internally. Certrec’s electronic document management services are continuing to support the nuclear industry by saving time and money, and by reducing the amount of labor used in-house to create complex licensing documentation.
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Certrec Holds Annual FRMS Users Group Forum

Users Forum – Certrec recently held its 2023 annual Fatigue Rule Management System (FRMS) Users Group Meeting. We are thrilled to host this yearly meeting with clients to ensure continued customer excellence and improve the end-user experience.

Certrec White Papers

Nuclear - Managing NRC’s Fatigue Rule Compliance Certrecs Innovative FRMS Solution for the Nuclear Industry - Featured Image - Certrec
Managing NRC’s Fatigue Rule Compliance: Certrec’s Innovative FRMS Solution for the Nuclear Industry

New Nuclear White Paper – Certrec has developed an innovative software solution, the Fatigue Rule Management System (FRMS), to modernize and simplify fatigue rule compliance. This comprehensive white paper provides an in-depth look at FRMS, its development process, key features and benefits, real-world implementation, and its role in transforming fatigue rule compliance for the nuclear industry.
Click here to download the full white paper

Nuclear – Advancements in Nuclear Power Differentiating Between Existing Commercial and New Nuclear Power Reactors - White Paper - Certrec
Advancements in Nuclear Power: Differentiating Between Existing Commercial and New Nuclear Power Reactors

New Nuclear White Paper – Nuclear energy has long been a pillar of the world’s electricity generation, with traditional nuclear power plants dominating the industry for decades. Today, with the increasing need for cleaner energy and ongoing concern for safety, the development of new nuclear power technology has gained momentum.
Click here to download the full white paper

Upcoming Industry Events

  • Intersolar North America  2024
    January 17-19, 2024 — San Diego, CA, at the San Diego Convention Center
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  • PowerGen International
    January 23-25, 2024 — New Orleans, LA, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
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  • Midwest Energy Solutions Conference
    January 30-February 1, 2024 — Chicago, Il, at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile
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