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Generation Atomic Discusses the Benefits of Utilizing Nuclear Energy at CLEANPOWER 2023

Generation Atomic - Certrec Sentinel Newsletter

Generation Atomic’s Ryan Rood and Karl Pauls explain the benefits of using nuclear energy and dispel some of its negative stereotypes at the CleanPower 2023 Conference. Generation Atomic is working to energize and empower today’s generations to advocate for a nuclear future.

To learn more about Generation Atomic’s mission or get involved, visit: https://www.generationatomic.org

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What are the NERC CIP Standards?

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Abs of Deception: Phishy Shortcut!

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May Poll Insights

May Poll Insights - Certrec Sentinel Newsletter

Hydrogen storage is a key enabling technology for the advancement of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in applications including stationary power, portable power, and transportation. Last month we asked our audience: What is the most important factor when considering hydrogen storage tanks? Overall, 91 percent voted safety while 9 percent voted cost-effectiveness. Storage capacity was the least voted answer at zero percent.

Safety is critical when dealing with hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is highly flammable, and leaks can be potentially deadly. For an overview of safety precautions to take when handling, view the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Safety Program.

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May Industry Updates

Ercot Adds New Ancillary Service to Support Grid Reliability
ERCOT has launched the ERCOT Contingency Reserve Service (ECRS), a new daily procured Ancillary Service. As energy demand continues to grow in Texas, adding…
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US Residential Heat Pump Sales Pass Gas Furnaces for First Time as Interest in Efficiency Tech Surges: IEA
Global energy demand rose 1% in 2022 but the rate of energy efficiency improvements was double the average of the past five years boosted by “surging” sales…
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Fossil Fuel Generation Retiring Faster than Renewables Are Added, Causing ‘Declining Reliability,’ NYISO Says
New York’s grid operator said Wednesday that fossil fuel generation is retiring faster than renewable resources are entering service, “leading to declining…
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Certrec News

Cleanpower23 - Certrec Events
Certrec Attends CLEANPOWER 2023

Industry Gathering – On May 22-25, 2023, Certrec attended the renewable energy industry’s premier event, hosted by the American Clean Power Association in New Orleans, Louisiana. CLEANPOWER brought together the most knowledgeable minds in the clean energy industry and created a collaborative platform for discussing issues that are important to industry professionals and their companies.

Certrec White Papers

Cybersecurity - Why Phishing is Dangerous for Utilities - White Paper - Certrec
Cybersecurity - Why Is Phishing Dangerous for Utilities?

New White Paper – The escalating threat of phishing to the utility sector is a wake-up call for industry leaders, security teams, and stakeholders. As more organizations are dealing with a high number of cyberattacks, there is a strong need for a solid cybersecurity strategy to minimize cyberattack risk. While the challenge is formidable, there are proven strategies and tools available to mitigate the risk.
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Cybersecurity - Ransomware An Imminent Threat to Power Generation Facilities - Featured Image - Certrec - opt
Cybersecurity - Ransomware: An Imminent Threat to Power Generation Facilities

New White Paper – In recent years, ransomware attacks have emerged as a significant threat to various industries, causing substantial financial losses and disrupting essential services. As vital components of a nation’s infrastructure, power generation facilities have become an attractive target for malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and extort substantial ransom payments.
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  • Carbon Capture Technology Expo
    June 28-29, 2023 — Houston, TX, at the NRG Center
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    July 18-20, 2023 — Paid Training
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