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Certrec’s Upcoming Release of Taktix® 3.0 Brings Innovation into Workflow Processes

57- Certrec’s Upcoming Release of Taktix® 3.0 Brings Innovation into Workflow Processes- Press Release - Featured Image- Certrec
Preparing for April 5, 2019, the Latest Release of Taktix® in Light of the Regulatory Information Conference’s Emphasis on Transformation and Innovation
Fort Worth, Texas (PRWEB)

Certrec, a leading regulatory compliance and online technology service provider, announced the anticipated latest release of Taktix® 3.0 on April 5, 2019. Proprietary to Certrec, Taktix® is a state-of-the-art, collaborative, web-based platform that manages complex data, streamlines work processes and has provided substantial process efficiencies to many Certrec clients. The Certrec management team will be participating in the NRC’s 2019 Regulatory Information Conference (RIC) in Washington, D.C., where the focus is on transformation and innovation.

“Taktix® brings some unique advantages. Essentially any business process can be automated and streamlined by Taktix®. The best thing is that Taktix® can be readily customized to specific business processes without additional IT coding or development. This means the return on investment (ROI) for Taktix® happens in much less than a year. Our clients are saving millions of dollars with Taktix®,” stated Ted Enos, Certrec President.

Here are a few features Certrec clients enjoy with Taktix®:

  • Automated workflow – driving processes forward to increase efficiency and save time
  • Bridges geographical distances – acts as if workers were in the same building
  • Provides source file control and security – never lose documents or information again
  • PDF commenting – preserving comments, resolutions, and decisions for future reference
  • Easy customizing to a specific process – changes can be readily made

Taktix® combines complex data management with document development, work processes, decision gates, calculations, online reviewing, and much more. Taktix® drives the business process because each step is actively connected to the assignee. Taktix® is web-based, so there is no software to download and maintain on company networks or individual desktops. In this way, Certrec is responsible for application uptime and maintenance. Changes to client business processes are readily implemented in Taktix® for an easy, one-stop process update.

“Taktix® is a game-changer. It can readily model your specific processes. Here’s our offer to you: Give us one of your processes. We will “stand-it-up” in Taktix® to show you what we can do,” says Everett (Chip) Perkins, Certrec Business Planning Executive Director.

From March 12-14, 2019, the Certrec management team will be at the RIC, discussing how Taktix® can help your company reduce process complexity and save money. On April 5, 2019, Certrec will release the latest version of Taktix® with more functionality available than ever before. Certrec is broadening the footprint of Taktix® into new industries and new applications. Taktix® – a new level of innovation.


Founded in 1988, Certrec is a regulatory and on-line technology service provider with diverse and extensive energy and IT industry experience that helps clients manage regulatory and business processes to their advantage. With more than 1,200 cumulative years of experience, Certrec has developed exceptional capabilities to support regulatory activities emanating from regulatory entities such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and Regional Entities (NERC), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other regulatory agencies. Certrec’s Office of Licensing and Compliance (OLC), Office of NERC Compliance (ONC), and Office of New Plant (ONP) services are used by utilities and entities across the United States.

Certrec offers support from highly skilled and experienced industry professionals who possess degrees in a variety of engineering disciplines (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Nuclear). Additionally, Certrec’s staff has multiple degreed personnel in physics, communications, a variety of MBAs, and information technology. This highly skilled team has direct working experience in all regulatory areas of licensing, compliance, and engineering, including nuclear, fossil, and renewable generation and transmission.

For more than 30 years, Certrec has been applying its accumulated years of industry experience to help clients develop and manage solutions to complex regulatory issues and business processes. Combining this direct industry experience with Certrec’s Information Technology assets has led to development of technology-based solutions and tools directly targeted to the various industries.