A Primer on NERC’s Reliability Standards

What are NERC Reliability Standards? The North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) Reliability Standards define the requirements for planning process and operations of the Bulk

NERC Terminology Glossary

Glossary of terms used in NERC Reliability Standards and adopted by the NERC Board of Trustees from February 8, 2005, through March 29, 2022.

New Power Plant Requirements

NERC New Power Plant Requirements

Introduction to NERC’s Requirements Are you undertaking the development of a new power plant? This information gives you an idea of NERC compliance timing for

A Primer on NERC CIP Standards

NERC CIP Standards The NERC CIP standards are mandatory security standards that apply to utility companies connected to the North American power grid. The CIP

A Primer on NERC 693

NERC 693 – a summary The below explains a bit about how NERC’s 693 reliability standards came about: On March 16, 2007, the FEDERAL ENERGY


NERC CIP Cheatsheet

NERC CIP Cheatsheet Introduction Meeting NERC CIP compliance is a very important aspect of a NERC registered energy supply organization’s operational success. If an organization