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Certrec implements innovative regulatory compliance solutions for the energy industry.

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Inspection Management System: "I love the new document uploading and linking features!”

- Regulatory Compliance, Technical Specialist

Fatigue Rule Management System: "I was able to check the availability of all 35 techs in under 5 minutes.

I tested a person who knew couldn't work it, just to make sure it caught them and it did!” - Plant Supervisor

Office of New Plant Support: “Certrec has and continues to be central to our success, innovation,

and flexibility while we work to adopt a licensing platform for Canada.” - NuScale

CERTREC is a trusted regulatory and SaaS compliance service provider.

CERTREC is a leading energy regulatory compliance SaaS and services provider with more than 1,500 cumulative years of engineering and audit experience with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), and other regulatory compliance agencies.

Stay up to date on critical industry information to stay compliant and knowledgeable. Locate documents quickly and efficiently.


We help power generators maintain compliance with NERC industry Standards and Requirements.


We help nuclear plants manage the regulatory process to their advantage.

New Plant

We enable new nuclear plants with SaaS applications, COLA / DCD / DCA support, project management, and quality program solutions.


Compliance Action Tracking System is a SaaS application that helps users stay on top of the many actions needed to comply with regulations.


NERCSuite is a comprehensive platform of web-based tools that supports your NERC compliance efforts.

Certrec Academy | Nuclear Safety Courses

Certrec Academy is an e-training platform that delivers video and live online training for power industry professionals.

FRMS Fatigue Rule Management System

This game-changing solution, developed in cooperation with fatigue rule experts, yields significant money savings, reduces violations, and acts to avoid fatigue-related issues.

Try out RegSource, the energy industry’s most trusted source of regulatory information.


Certrec provides regulatory compliance news and information for thousands of power plant professionals.

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Grade your NERC CIP compliance in just minutes! It's quick, easy, and completely free! Discover if you're meeting all the necessary standards and requirements, all at your own convenience.

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