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The Nuclear Industry’s End-to-End Licensing and Compliance Solution.

Licensing and Compliance

For more than 30 years, licensing and compliance professionals have trusted Certrec for support in obtaining and maintaining their NRC license. In these times of rising energy demands, resource shortages, and the loss of “tribal” knowledge due to workforce retirement, Certrec’s Nuclear Licensing & Compliance solutions helps you focus on:


Recall is a collection of regulatory documents that are updated daily. Documents are organized to be easily retrievable and fully text searchable.


RegSource® keeps staff apprised of day-to-day, important news in the nuclear world. Info is reviewed daily & alerts are written to call out key events of significance.


Inspection Management System is a complete inspection preparation and management tool. It allows you to respond to NRC requests and share information securely.


Inspection Tracking System is a database of inspection findings and violations. It uses more than 30 different parameters for simple or advanced searches and allows for trending against other plants or fleets.


Issues Management Xchange is a database of current generic regulatory issues (50-75 entries); includes rulemaking, regulatory documents for comments, regulatory initiatives, and industry initiatives.


A site-specific Licensing Research System places vital licensing and engineering documents in one location. It provides for ease of access and allows multiple documents to be full-text searched simultaneously.


Certrec On-Demand Regulatory Experts are a pool of industry professionals available to your site. CORE hours can be used for things like research, projects, peer checks, trending, OE support, reviews, and much more.


Certrec facilitates Utility Group meetings, organizes interactions with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and manages websites for the sharing of information between utility group members.

Speak with our Experts

“Our FSAR was issued on time with a very efficient path through site reviews. I like that our interface is getting more efficient and improving each time through as I gain more experience and get more interactions with the Certrec team.”
~ FSAR Administrator


Our Security Inspection Experience Database offers a secure database of inspection reports (non-safeguards), exit notes, and inspection schedules for participating sites. Real-time trending by experienced security consultants.


Certrec's Reportability Tool provides comprehensive, up-to-date requirements for non-routine reporting to federal agencies. Rapid screening based on categories of events and conditions. Conduct a reportability evaluation and print, save, or edit previous evaluations.


Certrec will mimic your document update process electronically with our web-based tools. This will allow for the posting of changes, review of incorporated changes, status tracking, and approval of changes to occur online with automatic notifications.


Certrec TV is a growing library of more than 600 videos that provide enhanced sharing of information and knowledge vital and specific to the power industry.


Performance Data Index is a compilation of real-time data used to measure plant performance and focus attention on areas needing improvement.


Business Process Automation uses our Taktix platform, to replicate and automate a manual site process, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.


Electronic Reading Rooms are secure online reference portals that allow for the sharing of documents without being able to save, print, or download. They eliminate the need to maintain one or more remote hard copy reference rooms.


Online training module designed to provide nuclear professionals with the basic understanding of the NRC regulatory process and how it affects their job and facility.