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Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

We can help you focus on maintaining the operating license, managing the impact of the regulatory process, and managing communication with regulators.

Nuclear New Builds

From application, to license, to construction, Certrec ensures your nuclear new build project is on the path to success.

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Licensing and Regulatory Compliance​

Focus Your Talent on Your Business

For more than 30 years, licensing and compliance professionals have trusted Certrec for support in obtaining and maintaining their NRC license. In these times of rising energy demands, resource shortages, and the loss of “tribal” knowledge due to workforce retirement, Certrec’s Nuclear Licensing & Compliance solutions helps you focus on maintaining the operating license, managing the impact of the regulatory process, and managing communication with multiple regulators.


End-To-End Licensing Solutions

Will Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Be More Reliable and Cost Effective - Certrec

New Plant Construction and Project Solutions

Nuclear New Builds

Ensure Your New Build Project is on the Path to Success

The license application and license are critical paths to your breaking ground. You will build your plant from the approved license application, so it is imperative that it be exactly correct. Short cuts you take during the licensing process will cost you dollars during construction, and every day you can save in the licensing process gets you building your plant one day sooner. Certrec guides you through licensing challenges with a helping hand, making your project run smoothly.

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UFSAR / LBD Management

Certrec will mimic your document update process electronically with our web-based tools. This will allow for the posting of changes, review of incorporated changes, status tracking, and approval of changes to occur online with automatic notifications.


Business Process Automation uses our Taktix platform to replicate and automate a manual site process, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.


Electronic Reading Rooms are secure online reference portals allowing for the sharing of documents without being able to save, print, or download. They eliminate the need to maintain one or more remote hard copy reference rooms.

Foundational Training

Online training module designed to provide nuclear professionals with the basic understanding of the NRC regulatory process and how it affects their job and facility.


Certrec's Reportability Tool provides comprehensive, up-to-date requirements for non-routine reporting to federal agencies. Rapid screening is based on categories of events and conditions. Conduct a reportability evaluation and print, save, or edit previous evaluations.


Performance Data Index is a compilation of real-time data used to measure plant performance and focus attention on areas needing improvement.


Our Security Inspection Experience Database offers a secure database of inspection reports (non-safeguards), exit notes, and inspection schedules for participating sites. Real-time trending by experienced security consultants.

Certrec TV

Certrec TV is a growing library of more than 600 videos that provide enhanced sharing of information and knowledge vital and specific to the power industry.