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Electronic Reading Rooms (ERR)

Electronic Reading Rooms, also known as virtual shared spaces or data rooms are secure online reference portals that allow for the sharing of documents without being able to save, print, or download. They eliminate the need to maintain one or more remote hard copy reference rooms.

How is Certrec ERR Different?

Unlike other virtual document-sharing portals, Certrec’s ERR was created specifically with energy customers in mind. Certrec’s ERR was designed with the rules and procedures of the NRC in mind. Users do not have to worry about NRC users downloading and taking possession of documents without authorization. Printing, saving, and downloading functions are restricted for NRC users. This significantly reduces the chance that the NRC uses the wrong documentation as proof during an audit.

Certrec’s electronic reading room provides clients with an online reference portal for major licensing actions. These actions include COLA and DCD reviews, License Renewal Applications, Life Extension Reviews, and NFPA 805 Submittal Reviews. Clients can access the ERR through web interface,  smart pad, or smartphone. Certrecs ERRs are simple to deploy and can be made available within 24 hours.

Electronic Reading Rooms


  • Eliminates the need to maintain one or more remote hard copy reference rooms.
  • Reduced costs related to preparation and transmittal of hard copy or electronic information to NRC.
  • Potentially reduces NRC review fees, travel costs, and review time.
  • Reduces costs associated with the transmittal of information to outside entities.
  • Provides efficiency improvements by managing document access through a common web platform.
Why Use an ERR?

Certrec’s ERR significantly cuts submittal reviewing time and costs. Certrec’s online reference portals has met all NRC requirements since 2009 and has had successful deployment in five utilities. There are no installation requirements for any users, making this tool simple to access. Certrec’s Electronic Reading Room is hosted on Certrec’s secure ISO 27001:2022 production IT platform. This ensures redundancy, bandwidth, and backup protection as part of the ERR service. Protect your licensing basis with ERR.

Electronic Reading Rooms

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“Our FSAR was issued on time with a very efficient path through site reviews. I like that our interface is getting more efficient and improving each time through as I gain more experience and get more interactions with the Certrec team.”
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