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Putting fatigue-related issues to rest

This game-changing solution, developed in cooperation with fatigue rule experts, yields significant money savings, reduces violations, and acts to avoid fatigue-related issues.

FRMS addresses a multitude of complaints aired by thousands of site workers, supervisors, and program managers across the commercial nuclear industry. It is user friendly, provides immediate feedback on planned work schedules, and saves you time, money, and frustration.

  • Proven Friendly Interface – Short Learning Curve
  • Web-Based Platform – No Software to be Installed
  • Scheduling in Seconds not Hours
  • Cross-station Resource Sharing
  • Fast, Fast, Fast – Everything is Calculated in Real Time
  • Accessible Anywhere with Internet Access
  • Intuitive for Ease of use at all Permission Levels
  • Reports are Accurately Computed in Seconds
  • Scheduling Controls Prevent Violations
  • Allows Quick Determination of Worker Availability
Cross-station Resource Sharing
FRMS Fatigue Rule Management System Documents Arrangment
FRMS Fatigue Rule Management System
CATS Interface

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“Everything is better, from maintenance, site speed, accessibility and the support team. “ Lee Marabella of the Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG)