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RegSource® is SaaS enabled with anytime, anywhere access and can keep your team well-informed, saving hours of time by curating only the relevant, important information.

RegSource® solutions are updated daily and are monitored by a dedicated team of Certrec compliance experts.

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Stay current with NERC compliance information

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RegSource® keeps NERC compliance teams up to date with strategic events via targeted, curated content:
  • Daily industry SME reviews of industry information to curate relevant regulatory information
  • Daily Smart Notices call out key events, information, and emerging trends
  • Succinct summaries highlighting implications and action needed
  • Heads-up webinars on items needing timely action

RegSource® Data repository

RegSource® helps you save and track important documents in a powerful data repository(Pro and above only):
  • High-value document sets, including documents from FERC, NERC, all regional entities, and all ISO/RTOs
  • Inventory of all documents in the library and all new documents recently added
  • Fully text searchable across multiple document categories
  • Filtering capability by key fields
  • Exportable document lists with links and savable searches

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