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Military Recruiting Solutions for the Energy Industry

Specialized Recruitment Services for the Energy Industry.

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Recruitment Consulting

Certrec's Recruitment Consuling can source, vet, and match you with a candidate that meets your utility's needs

DOD SkillBridge

Certrec's DOD SkillBridge program trains transitioning military members in energy career fields.

Military Recruiting Solutions

Meeting Your Recruitment Needs

As experienced professionals retire, the energy industry faces a growing challenge in recruiting skilled personnel.

Our specialized solution focuses on candidates who are transitioning members of the US military, giving you access to experienced and disciplined recruits, and relieving you of the stress of the recruitment process. Our service allows you to

  • Reduce travel and time-to-hire costs
  • Eliminate the time and cost of on-site training
  • drastically cut loss-of-productivity costs
Talent Sourcing

Find a Recruit that Meet Your Utility's Unique Needs

Unlike generic recruiters, we understand the unique needs of your organization and can meet staffing requirements across multiple disciplines for Nuclear and NERC operations.

Our placement service offers two tiers:

  • Tier 1 – Talent Sourcing: Certrec conducts preliminary screening and presents you with transitioning military personnel matching your job requirements.
  • Tier 2 – Nuclear Talent Sourcing: Receive a candidate with full training from Certrec’s DOD Skillbridge program in Regulatory Affairs.

Need specific site training? Certrec can facilitate additional training for Tier 2 candidates upon request.

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Nuclear Talent Sourcing

Empowering Talent Development in the Energy Industry

Through Certrec’s DOD SkillBridge program, Tier 2 candidates receive mentoring from industry experts and intensive training in regulatory affairs, equipping military members with the necessary skills to excel in the nuclear sector.

All DOD SkillBridge candidates go through an intensive 10-week training course conducted by nuclear practitioners with firsthand experience to ensure their seamless integration. Our training bridges the gap, connecting military experience to the private sector.

Contact Certrec today and let us help you find the best talent for your utility.

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White Paper

The Business Value of Certrec's Recruitment Consulting Services

NERC compliance program management is a highly specialized area of competence. It requires numerous standards to be followed and evidence to be tracked and audited to prove correct regulatory adherence.

Download and read our white paper to understand the business value of NERC compliance program management.


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