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Certrec Recognized in 2022 Listing of Companies at the Forefront of Providing Power Plant Tech Solutions and Transforming Businesses by Energy Tech Review

Helping Power Plants Deliver Electricity Reliably to the Grid

San Francisco, CA— Certrec  has been recognized as one of the Top Power Plant Tech Solutions Providers of 2022 by Energy Tech Review. A distinguished panel of experts, professionals, and technology leaders including board members of Energy Tech Review has decided and included Certrec in the list of “Top 10 Power Plant Tech Solutions Providers 2022.”

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“We are glad to announce Certrec featured as one of the Top 10 Power Plant Tech Solution Providers in 2022. Within Certrec’s team, three-quarters of their NERC compliance consultants have 30+ years of plant-operating and compliance experience. This real-world power plant know-how in regulatory compliance, engineering, and licensing for nuclear, fossil, solar, wind, and other generation and transmission entities means the team has valuable insights into the challenges that plants are facing.”

Charlotte Smith,
Managing Editor of Energy Tech Review Magazine