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Compliance Action Tracking System

Compliance Action Tracking System (CATS)

Energy Compliance Action Tracking System for Businesses


Compliance Action Tracking System

A comprehensive, web-based platform that allows users to monitor and prioritize actions, assign tasks, track deadlines, and get real-time reporting on performance.

If you’re looking for a solution to track your organization’s regulatory compliance actions, gain full transparency into all pending conditions, and ensure accountability for every action taken, Certrec’s Compliance Action Tracking System (CATS) is the answer for you.

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Stay On Top of Regulatory Actions

CATS was designed by regulatory experts with the needs of the energy industry in mind. This suite boasts an intuitive interface that empowers you to identify conditions, assign tasks, monitor deadlines, and generate performance reports. Such capability ensures transparency across all organizational actions and solidifies accountability.

CATS simplifies regulatory compliance processes, allowing organizations to manage and track compliance activities efficiently, thereby saving time, eliminating stress, and reducing the risk of non-compliance.


With CATS, you will be able to:

  • Track items to completion
  • Understand what important due dates are coming up or have been missed
  • Set up recurring actions based on various frequencies and parameters
  • Clone actions
  • Create canned and custom reports
  • Filter and sort throughout the entire site
  • Link with automated workflows to ensure processes are followed
  • Scalable to provide organized and enterprise-wide action/task/issue management

“CATS is my electronic, anytime-anywhere to-do list, performance tracker, and safety net.”

~ CATS Client

CATS Interface

CATS was designed by industry experts and our IT professionals to provide a clean, easy-to-use interface that works and allows transparency into all actions across your organization, reinforcing accountability.

CATS is available everywhere via smartphone, tablet, or web browser. For more information, contact us at:
Phone: 817-738-7661

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