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Performance Data Index (PDI)

Driving Site Performance Using Certrec’s PDI

Performance Data Index

An Industry Standard for Measuring and Driving Performance

PDI is a compilation of real-time data used to measure plant performance and focus attention on areas needing improvement. This SaaS solution provides metrics (with supporting data) that show unit performance in the
context of the fleet and the other U.S. fleets. Below showcases how PDI drives site performance in the right direction.

Performance Data Index

Benefits of Using PDI

  • Automated solution:
    • Automatically extracts industry performance data from the NRC’s public document room (PDR) on a daily basis.
    • The analysis is run every quarter with no site work required to obtain the data or to perform the analysis.
  • Structured approach:
    • Applies defined algorithms, assigns a numerical rating (from 1 to 100) for each site (and related fleet), and displays the information in an easy-to-absorb format.
  • Shows performance trends:
    • Displays and analyses of gaps and trends over the past three years are included.
    • A site (or fleet) can see the trajectory of site performance clearly.
  • Results correlate to overall site performance:
    • Yellow, orange, or red indicators in any of the major areas monitored suggest issues with higher-level performance on the site.
    • Higher levels of non-cited violations may indicate the site’s failure to identify issues at the behavioral level and get those problems corrected and characterized as licensee-identified.
  • Actionable:
    • Provides recommended areas to review based on the specific results, providing the actions to help drive the right performance.
  • Universal:
    • Identifies gaps in overall site performance, using data points that are universally recognized as critical indicators of site conduct and standing.
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