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This New Developer Wants to Turn Ports into Energy Gateways

This New Developer Wants to Turn Ports into Energy Gateways - Certrec


Gateway Zero, a developer and investor focused exclusively on next-generation energy port infrastructure, has officially been launched.

The organisation aims to expand offshore wind and harness new economic opportunities for ports and coastal infrastructure in decarbonisation, energy storage and green fuels.

According to Gateway Zero, projections show offshore wind development will drive more than $15 billion of investment in ports and vessels in Europe and the US by 2030. However, limitations in existing port infrastructure are causing bottlenecks to deployment of both fixed and floating offshore wind projects.

Additionally, the wider decarbonisation effort will require large capital deployment into coastal infrastructure dedicated to energy transition propositions.

There is thus an urgent need to connect asset owners with the capital and expertise they need to build the next generation of energy ports infrastructure and Gateway Zero has been launched to address this need.

The company is founded and led by Joao Metelo, an experienced leader in renewable energy, offshore and onshore, with decades of experience, including as CEO of Principle Power, CFO of EDP Renewables North America, and more recently, as Chief Investment & Financial Officer of Skyborn Renewables.

Joao Metelo said: “Ports have a pivotal role to play in enabling the global energy transition, with the potential not only to act as critical supply chain hubs for offshore renewables, but also in the longer term to become centres for the decarbonisation of the maritime sector and deployment of co-located clean energy and green fuels infrastructure.

“We are an early mover and intend to become a global leader in our field. Our aim is to play a meaningful role in building out a new asset class with enormous long-term strategic value – becoming the partner of choice for asset owners and capital providers opening up the world’s energy gateways.”

The business is actively pursuing opportunities to develop and invest in projects alongside ports, public authorities, and other value chain partners, offering them a bridge to the clean energy sector and crowding in big capital as required.

With the flexibility to participate as a developer, co-investor, or both, Gateway Zero aims to act as an enabler for existing asset owners seeking to harness the economic opportunity of the energy transition.

Gateway Zero is currently engaging with multiple sources of capital to build a diversified portfolio, spanning the EU, UK and US. This includes opportunities throughout the lifecycle of project development and a range of project maturities and risk profiles.