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A New Level of Innovation

For businesses with complex or multiple workflow processes, Taktix is the platform that removes frustration caused by the limitations of using paper. That’s because Taktix is a customizable workflow that removes the paperwork from the process increasing efficiency, security and reliability.

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Taktix is a state-of-the-art, web-based, collaborative platform that manages complex data and work processes. Taktix does not require software to be downloaded to company networks or to individual desktops. It can be customized readily to your processes.

•    Ideal for geographically dispersed employees
•    Instant, automatic notifications
•    No additional coding required
•    Real-time collaboration
•    Decision gates
•    Meets quality assurance requirements
•    Adaptable to YOUR specific process
•    Your process streamlined
•    Online PDF commenting

Return on Investment - Less than One Year

  • Experience has shown a typical Taktix implementation saves at least one full-time-equivalent (FTE) per year.

  • A more complicated implementation, across multiple sites, saves two or more FTE’s per year through streamlined processes. Potential cost savings per year could be substantial.

  • One of our clients is saving more than a million dollars per year over a multi-year Taktix contract.

"My dad was a hotel/restaurant entrepreneur. He said, 'Never trust a restaurant owner who doesn’t eat at his own place.' At Certrec, we eat at our own restaurant. We could not be as successful as we are without using Taktix for our day-to-day business operation." 

             ~ Chip Perkins, Certrec Executive Director of Business Planning

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Taktix Features and Functionality

  • Emulate Business Processes

  • No IT Needed

  • Bridges Geography

  • Users Must Follow the Process

  • Document Collaboration

  • EIE Compliant PDFs

  • Automatic Email Notifications

  • Permission-based Approvals

  • Full Text Search


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