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Register for Certrec’s Three-Day Nuclear Foundational Training with a Live Instructor

Don’t Miss This Highly-Acclaimed Course

Are you a nuclear professional in need of understanding NRC regulations? If so, then this training is for you!

Educate and guide your team with real-world examples through a live instructor, and get a one-on-one consultation with a mentor.

Elevate your team to be informed and knowledgeable to better understand NRC regulations.

What’s different about Certrec Academy’s training?

  1. A focus on the practical and making it easier to understand and remember.
  2. Strong engagement via videos, stories, thought-provoking Q&As, and mentorship.
  3. A  clear explanation of the context backed by historical perspectives.
  4.  Live tutor during e-learning and a mentor post-instruction.
  5. Numerous links, videos, and slides connected to the NRC are proven in their effectiveness in teaching theory and operations.

Sign up by February 27th and get a 50% discount!

Download the Nuclear Foundational Training info brief here for more information.

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