An Innovative Approach to Learning

Certrec Academy is a modernized approach to providing certified training for power industry personnel.


Students learn the skills and, more importantly, the reasoning behind them. With directed tutorials, videos, and instructional mentoring sessions, students proceed through the Academy using personalized curriculums that advance them to three levels of certification.

Directed Student Modules presented in an updated electronic format include:

  • Clear learning objectives

  • Brief, focused text on critical points

  • Question-and-answer format to reinforce learning

  • Short videos covering material, history, and insights 

  • Embedded links to more specific information

  • Periodic knowledge checks

  • Experienced mentors to discuss module and exam results

"Foundational Training bridges the knowledge gap and ensures that the fundamentals are passed on to the next generation of nuclear professionals."

Foundational Training

Designed to convey information, experience, implementation insights, skills, and how history has influenced the power industry's regulations.

Upon completion of Foundational Training, students will be able to: 

  • recognize the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, what it does, how it is influenced, and how it performs its responsibilities.

  • understand the hierarchy and relationships of regulatory requirements and licensing documents.

  • summarize the historical events that have influenced the regulatory requirements.

  • evaluate events and conditions, identify those that are reportable using associated criteria of 10 CFR 50.72 and 10 CFR 50.73, and prepare the event notification worksheet.

  • understand the important elements of communicating with the NRC.

Extended Training


Extended training modules present details about specific industry events, major industry topics, and are focused on the regulatory impact to the industry.

"After completing this training, I have full confidence that I have the tools and resources I need to thrive in my career."


Any nuclear professional needing a basic understanding of environmental concerns and their relationship to the student’s job and facility.


Nuclear professionals who are interested in learning the history of and purpose for American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) Codes in nuclear power plant design, construction, and operation.

Emergency Preparedness

Any nuclear professional needing an in-depth understanding of emergency preparedness plans for nuclear plants, and how the government regulates it.


Nuclear professionals needing a detailed overview of nuclear power plant security and how the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulates and oversees security.

Radiation Protection

Every nuclear power plant professional who lacks an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and potential regulatory issues associated with radiation protection.

Open Phase Condition

Any nuclear power plant professional or licensee who requires in-depth training with regards to open phase condition and its history.

Additional training modules coming soon!


“As an industry, we have needed to modernize our approach to delivering power industry training. I am so excited to debut Certrec Academy, which presents material in a format that exploits today's technology and appeals to the younger workforce."

~ Ted Enos, Certrec President

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