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Certrec Fatigue Rule Management System Praised at Industry Users Forum

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Certrec creates an industry leading fatigue rule management SaaS application as evidenced by recent Industry Forum.

Certrec, a leading provider of regulatory compliance software and services, hosted the first user forum for its Fatigue Rule Management System (FRMS), a common platform for fatigue rule management, at their Fort Worth headquarters in November 2021.

Certrec’s FRMS clients all came together, discussed changes and requirements, agreed on priorities, and together envisioned a future roadmap, helping to define the next version of FRMS.

What is different about FRMS?

  • FRMS is a SaaS application, securely hosted and delivered as a common platform to all users.
  • This is a unique, industry-driven approach to developing and implementing a needed solution.
  • Because this is a common platform, sites are able to share worker data if necessary.
  • Nuclear industry users collaborated in an annual forum to help determine common platform improvements.

“FRMS is unique and a landmark achievement for the commercial nuclear industry,” said Ted Enos, President and CEO of Certrec. “All the users came together to discuss this industry-wide solution and how its roadmap will further enhance its usefulness to the industry. “

The nuclear industry typically uses fragmented solutions, some of which are hosted, while others are delivered on premises. Users are often charged a premium to make the same corrections and upgrades. Technical support has been unhelpful, and software updates and fixes were irregular and inconsistent. Users also had little influence on the roadmap or ensuring the applications would deliver them the features and functionality they needed for success.

Additionally, previous applications were slow, buggy, hard to use, inaccurate, and unable to provide timely reporting. All of these concerns were resolved with Certrec’s FRMS.

In 2019, Certrec was approached by several members of the commercial US nuclear industry to help them better manage the federal Fatigue Rule requirements associated with 10 CFR Part 26. Certrec designed and implemented an application (FRMS) that solves the problems identified with the current applications deployed by the nuclear industry. Certrec’s FRMS is a web-based solution for efficient management of 10 CFR Part 26, the Fatigue Rule at commercial nuclear sites. It is designed by the nuclear industry for the nuclear industry to be easy to use, accurate, and fast. FRMS was first implemented in January 2020 and is now used by almost 10% of nuclear units in the US.

What problems does FRMS solve?

“FRMS saves hours a week for users and reduces the risks of non-compliance with the NRC by helping automate the fatigue management aspects for the commercial nuclear industry. Our clients are happy with the ease of use of our system, and they decide together on the improvements and changes which everyone gets at the same time,” said Certrec’s Michelle Thomas, Executive Director of Operations.

The main challenge is to enable users to be in compliance with the Fatigue Rule requirements of 10 CFR Part 26. Non-compliance could easily lead to violations of federal regulations.

  • Reducing the need for unproductive manual operations
  • Provide timely reporting for status
  • Accuracy in compliance and record keeping

Comparing FRMS with other applications, Lee Marabella, who works for Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), said, “Everything is better, from maintenance, site speed, accessibility and the support team. When referring to the FRMS User Conference, he noted, “Everything here was valuable. Our resources spent here were useful and beneficial to all involved.”

The inputs are helping decide the features and functionality of the next version, and they are now being implemented. Industry clients have an economical, efficient solution that they enjoy.

About Certrec:

Certrec is a web-based software (SaaS) and services provider that has helped hundreds of power-generating facilities manage their regulatory compliance and reduce their risks, since 1988. Certrec’s engineers and business teams bring a cumulative 1,500 years of working experience in regulatory areas of compliance, engineering, and licensing, including nuclear, fossil, solar, wind facilities, and other Registered Entities generation and transmission.

Certrec has helped over 120 generating facilities establish and maintain NERC Compliance Programs. We manage the entire NERC compliance program for 45+ registered sites in the US and Canada that trust us to decrease their regulatory and reputational risk. Certrec is ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified and has successfully completed a SOC 2 Type 2 examination

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