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Regulatory Compliance Expert William Byrd Joins Certrec’s ONC Team as Business Development Director

55- Regulatory Compliance Expert William Byrd Joins Certrec’s ONC Team as Business Development Director- Press Release - Featured Image- Certrec
Industry veteran brings strategic expertise to Certrec’s office of NERC compliance team.
Fort Worth, Texas (PRWEB)

Certrec, a leading licensing and regulatory compliance service provider that supports NRC and NERC compliance, announced today that industry veteran William Byrd has joined its staff to serve as ONC Business Development Director.

“I am very pleased to be joining the team at Certrec, said Byrd. “Based on my skills and past results I have achieved, I believe I will be able to assist in moving Certrec to greater success in the future.”

Mr. Byrd gained expertise in managing generation assets in the WECC, SERC, and TRE NERC areas as well as in the ERCOT, NYISO, and CAISO systems. He brings Certrec decades of measurable, repeated successes in process improvement and strategic planning. He is adept at structuring staff, streamlining processes, implementing strategies to boost productivity, and increasing performance.

Before coming to Certrec, Mr. Byrd was the Director of Generation at First Solar in Tempe, Arizona, where he held direct responsibility for production, quality, maintenance, safety, and regulatory compliance functions. Before that, he was Vice President and General Manager of Lakeside Energy in New York State where he managed all daily operations for three profit-and-loss centers and reduced a preventative maintenance backlog by 75% by introducing workflow planning strategies.

“We are excited about having William join our Certrec team,” said Chip Perkins, Business Planning Executive Director. “He has a can-do spirit and a personality that will fit right in. We have some challenging goals for the next two years. William has the demonstrated skills and experience to help take our company to the next level.”


Founded in 1988, Certrec is an engineering- and technology-based organization providing regulatory support services in the electric power industry. With more than 1,000 cumulative years of direct and diverse industry experience, Certrec has developed exceptional capabilities to support regulatory activities emanating from regulatory entities such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and Regional Entities (NERC), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other regulatory agencies. Certrec’s Office of Licensing and Compliance (OLC), Office of Assessment and Recovery (OAR), Office of NERC Compliance (ONC), and Office of New Plant (ONP) services are used by utilities and entities across the United States to help manage the regulatory process to their advantage.

Certrec offers support from highly skilled and experienced industry professionals who possess degrees in a variety of engineering disciplines (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Nuclear). Additionally, Certrec’s staff has multiple degreed personnel in physics, communications, a variety of MBAs, and information technology. This highly skilled team has direct working experience in all regulatory areas of licensing, compliance, and engineering, including nuclear, fossil, and renewable generation and transmission.

For more than 30 years, Certrec has been applying its accumulated years of industry experience to help clients develop and manage solutions to complex regulatory issues. Combining this direct industry experience with Certrec’s Information Technology assets has led to the development of technology-based solutions and tools directly targeted to the electric power industry and specifically focused on helping clients manage regulatory issues.