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NERC Compliance

Due Diligence

Avoid hidden regulatory risks when purchasing a new asset.

Due Diligence

Are You Planning On Purchasing a New Generation Asset?​

Is your entity in the market for a new generation asset? There may be hidden regulatory risks in a purchased generation asset bundle. Certrec can help avoid fines and other damages associated with making a bad purchase. Our thorough due diligence can prevent future headaches by reducing your legal and regulatory risk and avoiding the potential of $2 million per day in NERC compliance fines. 

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Due Diligence

Due Diligence for Mergers and Aquisitions

At Certrec we can provide your entity with a thorough analysis of the health of a new generation asset. Our services include:

  • Compliance centric evaluations
  • Determine target’s compliance history and status  and potential risk.
  • Assess risk to an entity of acquisitions, sales, and mergers.
  • Due Diligence activities are case specific and staffed as appropriate.
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NERC Compliance

End-to-End NERC Compliance for Power Utilities

Certrec has a tool for every aspect of NERC compliance and they have been instrumental in our success in preparing for our audits. With their help, we were able to receive zero findings in our last audit!