Putting fatigue-related issues to rest

This game-changing solution, developed in cooperation with fatigue rule experts, yields significant money savings, reduces violations and acts to avoid fatigue-related issues.

Certrec Corporation has solved a multitude of complaints aired by thousands of site workers, supervisors, and program managers across the commercial nuclear industry. This ground-breaking system is user friendly, provides immediate feedback on planned work schedules, and saves you time, money and frustration.

  • Proven Friendly Interface - Short Learning Curve

  • Web-Based Platform - No Software to be Installed

  • Scheduling in Seconds not Hours

  • Cross-station Resource Sharing

  • Fast, Fast, Fast - Everything is Calculated in Real Time

  • Accessible Anywhere with Internet Access

  • Intuitive for Ease of use at all Permission Levels

  • Reports are Accurately Computed in Seconds

  • Scheduling Controls Prevent Violations

  • Allows Quick Determination of Worker Availability

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