RegSource® GRC & Recall® GRC

Stay up to date on critical industry information designed to help your company stay compliant and knowledgeable.

Whether your team is working remotely or on site, RegSource® GRC and Recall® GRC work together to increase productivity and keep your team well-informed. Both solutions are updated daily and are monitored by a dedicated team of compliance experts.

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    Stay current with NERC compliance information

    Locate documents quickly and efficiently. Save time and money.

    RegSource® GRC

    RegSource® GRC keeps NERC compliance staffs apprised of day-to-day, relevant, strategic events through:
    • Industry SME reviews of Recall GRC information daily for importance and industry impact
    • Smart Notices published daily to call out key events, information, and emerging trends
    • Succinct summaries with emphasis on impact and action needed
    • Heads-up webinars on items needing timely action

    Recall® GRC

    Recall® GRC is a comprehensive collection of regulatory information, updated daily. It includes:
    • High-value document sets, including documents from FERC, NERC, all regional entities, and all ISO/RTOs
    • Inventory of the total number of documents in the library and the number of new documents recently added
    • Fully text searchable across multiple document categories
    • Filtering capability by key fields
    • Exportable document lists with links and savable searches

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