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Industry Recommendation Inverter-Based Resource Model Quality Deficiencies

NERC has analyzed 10 large-scale disturbances on the bulk power system (BPS) that involved the widespread and unexpected reduction in output of inverter-based resources (IBR) since 2016. These 10 disturbances totaled nearly 15,000 MW of unexpected IBR output reduction with approximately 10,000 MW occurring between 2020 and 2024. The increase of IBR-related events coincides with an increase in IBR penetration across the BPS. Two contributing causes to these events are poor modeling and study practices to assess the performance of these resources.

Performing dynamic simulations of the BPS allows Transmission Planners (TP), in cooperation with Generator Owners (GO), to mitigate reliability risks before they occur. Accurate dynamic models of resources are critical to this analysis and to BPS reliability. Several of NERC’s published disturbance reports included analyses of the models for the affected facilities, which revealed systemic dynamic model inaccuracies. These analyses also revealed that the models provided for conducting generator interconnection studies or other system studies failed to accurately reflect the dynamic performance of the plants. Accurate modeling of IBR facilities is critical in performing system studies to assessthe reliable operation of the BPS.

This alert is being distributed to all GOs of Bulk Electric System (BES)-connected IBRs as modeling deficiencies, best practices, and recommendations are applicable across all IBR technologies. NERC encourages owners and operators of non-BES and BPS-connected IBRs to review this alert as well.

The significantly higher complexity and software-based nature of IBR modeling when compared to synchronous machine modeling necessitates an improvement in the fundamental principles of dynamic modeling to accurately capture the performance of IBR plants. This alert is also being distributed to TPs and Planning Coordinators (PC) to provide recommendations that can be implemented to strengthen current modeling practices. TPs and PCs are required to answer a set of questions in the alert system; however, only GOs of IBRs will need to complete the Data Submission Worksheet.

This alert will gather dynamic modeling information from BES-connected IBR GOs, TPs, and PCs to understand the extent of condition of dynamic modeling for IBR, which will inform what additional actions are necessary to mitigate observed deficiencies. These GOs are strongly encouraged to coordinate with their inverter- and plant-level controller manufacturers and third-party consultants to review the parameters and controls installed in the field, review and mitigate modeling deficiencies, and implement the recommendations described in this alert. The information gathered throughout this alert should also be shared and reviewed with the associated GOPs as applicable.

For more information, see the NERC Major Event Analysis Reports web page.1 All recipients are strongly encouraged to read the findings from these reports, as well as NERC’s Dynamic Modeling Recommendations.

View on the NERC website here.

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