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Cybersecurity Solutions for the Energy Sector

Certrec is a trusted advisor protecting the reputation of hundreds of power industry organizations.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity For the Power Industry

During our decades of supporting power entities, we have developed a thorough understanding of their cybersecurity needs. We utilize this unique perspective to deliver a competent yet cost-effective alternative to generic IT and cybersecurity service providers.

Certrec’s Power Industry Cyber Protection as a Service can provide:

  • Certrec Cyber Scanner – early prediction
  • Cyber and physical security gap analysis
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • SoC service at an affordable cost (for small to medium plants)
  • Using best of breed SIEM, SOAR solutions

For those clients who need the ultimate protection, Certrec Cybersecurity delivers 24×7 cybersecurity protection to keep you ahead of evolving threats.

Read our information guide to learn how you can select an ideal cybersecurity service provider for the ultimate protection of your utility.

Cybersecurity Solutions

For example, we will analyze needs for and implement best of breed solutions for three phases


Certrec Cyber Scanner
Gap analysis (review of plan, architecture or both)
Vulnerability assessment


Cybersecurity plan and architecture


Cybersecurity plan
SoC service
OT/IT monitoring

Cybersecurity Solutions

Other Cybersecurity services include

Stratedgic Guidance

The Certrec team leverages their security expertise combined with real world knowledge of the power environment and CIP compliance to advise you on your security journey.

Continous Improvement

We work closely with you to develop a security strategy that is targeted to your environment and considers developing threats in the utility and power world. Certrec’s regular posture reviews will track your security posture against changing threat landscape to continuously improve your security posture.


We can provide security operations that can place 24x7 eyes on glass coverage of your entire environment. The bad guys never take a day off. Neither should your security vigilance.

Complete Visability

Certrec’s approach eliminates blind spots with complete visibility across endpoints, networks, and cloud.

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