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Certrec Manages Production of NuScale’s Groundbreaking Reactor’s Standard Design Approval Application

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Certrec’s digitization solutions streamlined the process for NuScale’s small modular reactor design, saving time and money.

FORT WORTH, Texas, January 25, 2023 — Recently, NuScale Power (NuScale) submitted a second Standard Design Approval (SDA) application to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for its updated small modular reactor (SMR) design. NuScale’s SMR remains the only design to be certified by the NRC. Certrec, a leading provider of regulatory compliance and advanced SaaS applications for the nuclear industry, supported NuScale’s application process for their leading-edge SMR design.

Certrec digitized and expedited NuScale’s SDA application process through Taktix®, Certrec’s SaaS workflow solution. Taktix® eliminated the frustration of managing physical paperwork while keeping documentation protected and organized. The time-saving benefits of Taktix® enabled NuScale’s team to focus on the development of the technical content. Certrec also provided technical editing and document processing services to manage and control the electronic processing of the SDA.

Karin Feldman, Interim Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nuclear Officer, NuScale Power, stated, “Certrec provided exceptional support during the development of our SDA application. This invaluable assistance helped us to meet our schedule with a high-quality result.”

Certrec has been a key partner of the NuScale licensing team since 2012, supporting multiple applications with Taktix, including technical editing, document processing, and more. Previously, Certrec supported NuScale’s first Design Certification Application, along with requests for additional information and international submissions.

NuScale’s- Certrec

NuScale’s achievement is a significant milestone in commercializing their SMR technology. SMRs produce safe, reliable, carbon-free, and cost-competitive energy. According to the U.S. Office of Nuclear Energy, SMRs offer many advantages, such as smaller physical footprints, reduced capital investment, the ability to be sited in locations not possible for larger nuclear plants, and provisions for incremental power additions.[1]

Certrec is pleased to be a part of NuScale’s success and will provide ongoing technical expertise to the company throughout the licensing and approval process.

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