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How Certrec’s FRMS Solution Transforms Fatigue Management in the Nuclear Sector

In the nuclear industry, managing fatigue among workers is a matter of ensuring personnel well-being, maintaining high safety standards, and ensuring compliance with strict regulatory requirements. Through 10 CFR Part 26 Subpart I, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has set stringent fatigue rules to minimize the risk of human error due to exhaustion. However, navigating these regulations can be complex, requiring sophisticated management solutions. This is where Certrec steps in, positioning itself as a leader in innovation by providing a tailored, comprehensive solution for the nuclear sector to improve fatigue rule management. Certrec employs the Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS), designed as a robust framework to identify, assess, and mitigate the risks of fatigue rule non-compliance.

Streamlining Compliance with Advanced Technology

Certrec’s FRMS is an advanced SaaS application designed specifically to address the complexities of NRC fatigue rules. Traditional methods of managing worker schedules and fatigue often fall short due to their manual nature, leaving room for error and non-compliance. Certrec’s software, however, automates the scheduling process, ensuring a fatigue management system with streamlined compliance procedures. FRMS incorporates real-time monitoring and analysis of work hours, rest periods, and shift rotations, eliminating the risk of human scheduling errors. It also provides reports for determining worker availability and ensuring activities are performed on time. This shows that Certrec’s FRMS exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to fatigue management in the nuclear industry.

(FRMS Dashboard)

Improving Data Collection and Reporting

Manual data collection and tracking is one of the most daunting aspects of NRC fatigue rule compliance and management. Compiling the various inputs needed for fatigue analysis is a troublesome, time-consuming effort for nuclear facilities. Certrec’s FRMS simplifies this task through its comprehensive documentation and regulatory reporting. FRMS determines compliance through a complex analysis of work hours, breaks, consecutive days, and other data for each worker. The platform then generates detailed reports, verifying worker availability within seconds. A new version of FRMS, coming in 2024, will even be able to perform automated callouts. The integrated automated callout module will be able to contact site personnel via phone and SMS regarding schedule changes.

Reducing Non-Compliance and Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Legacy systems often have poor interfaces, slow performance, unreliable results, and lack of mobility. This increases the risk of penalties related to non-compliance. By automating and simplifying fatigue management, FRMS allows employees and management to focus more on business-critical tasks rather than administrative burdens. Such a shift enhances operational efficiency and embeds a deeper sense of responsibility toward maintaining a safe working environment. Moreover, the system’s ease of use encourages widespread adoption across the nuclear industry. As of 2024, over 20 percent of the U.S. nuclear units have adopted FRMS. At its core, Certrec’s solution goes beyond technical compliance as it promotes a culture of collaboration with the nuclear industry through annual user conferences and improvements crowdsourced from dozens of nuclear sites that use the platform daily. As the needs and challenges faced by the nuclear industry evolve, this collaboration is crucial to ensure maximum value for users over time.


In the critical environment of the nuclear industry, basic fatigue management rules are mandatory. Certrec addresses this challenge head-on, offering a solution combining innovative technology and deep regulatory understanding. By streamlining compliance processes, enhancing reporting through data analytics, and promoting industry collaboration, Certrec’s approach represents a significant leap forward in managing worker fatigue. As nuclear facilities continue to seek ways to improve the culture of safety and regulatory compliance, Certrec stands out as a pivotal ally, ensuring that managing fatigue becomes a seamless part of operations rather than a cumbersome hurdle.

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